Swimming Pool Inspection

Having a swimming pool in your backyard certainly means that you can throw great pool parties or just have a quick swim whenever you want. However, would it be appealing to you if your fibreglass pool was filled with dry leaves, mud and stinking water? This is the reason you need to take good care of your pool on a regular basis.

There are a whole lot of things you need to keep in mind while inspecting your pool. To help you remember everything in order, you should maintain a pool inspection checklist.

Important as it is to have pool inspections, Pre purchase inspection is also recommended especially if you intend to put your property for sale. This initiative will enable you to make the necessary repair or upgrade that will not only add up the value of the property but also make it easier to sell the property.

Building inspector offers complete building inspections that will report any safety issues and repairs necessary for your property.

Are you having a party by the pool? If you are, you definitely need to hire a caterer. However if you plan to simply prepare food yourself you probably don’t have all the catering equipment you need. Instead of buying for a one-time event, you have the option to lease catering equipment.

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Pool Safety

It is of utmost importance that your swimming pool is safe for anyone using it. The top priority on your pool inspection checklist should be to ensure that your pool area is properly lit up and fenced. Anyone can accidentally fall into the pool in the dark. See pool paving Perth.

The emergency equipment should be placed in places from where they can be retrieved quickly in case of accidents. If you have, or are inviting small children over to your house, proper warning signs should be placed near the pool. The last thing you want is to have accidents in your property as there are circumstances that injuries may need compenstations and the legal interactions with personal injury lawyers.

Constantly keep an eye on your pool ladder, deck and the diving board. Replace them immediately if they have become too slippery or are broken to avoid fatal injuries.

Check your drain covers, water-returns and other anti-entrapment devices that are installed inside your pool. Because they are not clearly visible from the outside, any damage to them is often hard to spot.

The chemicals and disinfectants you use in your pool should be stored in labelled bottles and tucked away in places where curious children cannot reach.

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