Trademark Benefits

Companies that promote and sell registered trademark products or services have better chance of surviving and flourishing than companies that sold unregistered trademarked goods. Research on buying trends’ and patterns’ of consumers has overwhelmingly proved that people prefer buying a product that carries a registered trademark logo. Therefore, the need to register your trademark does not need to be overemphasized. You’ll be able to gain the trust and confidence of your clients and your business will not only be able to survive but flourish as well.

Lifelong source of income

Since you’re the sole owner of your registered trademark, it gives you full authority to use the trademark to the best of your advantage. In other words, it means you can allow others the right or ‘license’ to use your product or service, and collect licensing fees or royalties.

Furthermore, you can also direct the licensed users of your product on the specifications or conditions of use, giving you leverage over quality control. So, your product or service keeps on generating supplementary income for you as long as the trademark registration is valid.

There are trademark lawyers that can help you with your agreement on new trademark, filing for trademark registration, and offering counsel on the use of registered trademarks.